Have you ever dreamed about doing medicine at the top of Everest? In the Antartic Polar region, cold and miles from humanity, the deepest depths of a jungle, surrounded by insects and creatures mother nature has created? What about in the hottest climates of the desert, where water is just a mirage or under the ocean surrounded by fish and creatures that havent been discovered yet?

Adventure Medicine has been there

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We teach people all over the world: from Basic First Aid skills in the wilderness to two week Offshore Medics Courses on board vessels and Oil & Gas Platforms.

We also offer clinical international placements for clinicians all over the world; Hungary, Mexico and South Africa to name a few

Whatever your need, we adapt all of our courses so they are suited to you making learning fun!

Adventure Medicine can take you there

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Your Instructors are either International Mountain Leaders, Rock Climbing Instructors, Caving Instructors, Scuba Diving or Skiing Instructors and have worked on every continent.


If you want to attend a course, complete an expedition or require a medic. If you have an idea and need the whole thing bringing to life..


Adventure Medicine is waiting for your call

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